Login with (brute force safe) PIN instead of password

Hi there,
I think the TPM2 would be the appropriate device to allow for a brute force safe login with PIN instead of long passwords. Is there some work in progress in this direction? Or is it even already available?

I know, there is libpam-pwdfile for PIN login (not included in SUSE though), but this package seems to be not maintained any longer.

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There is some work about TPM2.
Needs new grub2 & other. Possible with TW, IDK about Leap 15.5.
Try to install trustedgrub2 package. Then enable trusted boot in loader settings.
But FDE with good password is more resilient than storing password in TPM2.
ILL secure boot + TPM2 boot + FDE with good password is the best solution.
Simple PIN can be brute-forced - you need strong password instead.