Login Themes get downloaded to where?

Hello All,

I am in the “Login Screen - System Settings” and clicked on the “Get New Themes”.
I am now trying to install them, but I don’t know where they were downloaded to.

Can someone point me in a direction?



The directory is:


Needless to say this is in your home directory.

Normally this is how these spash themes are installed. Normally.

OK. I get down to /.kde4/share/apps/ and from there I don’t see anything that shows “ksplash” or “Themes”. I suspect the problem is that when I boot up it logs me in and takes me to my desktop. I have tried changing this behavior in the “Login Screen” console, but to no avail.

My settings are:
“Use themed greeter” = True (checked)
GUI Style = Oxygen
Theme = Oxygen
Boot manager = “None” ~ is this the problem?
Enable Auto-Login = False (unchecked)
Enable Password-Less Logins = False (unchecked)

I have just checked with a fresh user account. The directory I pointed you to does not exist by default.

Once you successfully install a KDE splash via GetHotNewStuff (it is really called like that) this directory will be created, and you’ll find the the splash theme that you installed in there.

No, definitely not. This refers to the bootloader, e.g. GRUB, LILO. But since you are at it, specifying GRUB is not a bad idea.