Login Successful---GNOME GUI fails

Unable to access my GNOME GUI. GNOME config files?? The ./etc/gconf and ./etc/gnome-vfs-2.0 files?

I found a solution to a similar problem but am running into difficulties: a.) i can’t find the .gnome2 directory (I found .gnome-vfs-2.0). b.) after cp my .gconf directory and logging out/in it doesn’t seem to automatically recreate the .gconf file.

New to Linux, any help would be AWESOME!


I can log into my computer, but the gnome gui does not load and I am returned to the login screen again. Is this a gnome config issue?



Also, I can successfully open the IceWM GUI, but would prefer the GNOME I am starting to get used to.

Gnome-shell this days uses dconf… what gconf files are you copying to/from? Since they have schemas they compile to work properly.

Perhaps explain more on what your trying to achieve?

If you login to a console session, press ctrl+alt+F1 and login as root user and create a test user and login as that user;

useradd -m test_user
passwd test_user

Press ctrl+alt+F7 (or F8) to get back to the login screen and login as test_user, does this work?

Hey malcolmlewis!

I did as you said and was able to successfully login into GNOME as test_user. So what to do from here? Does this diagnose the problem?

Thanks so much

If there is nothing important in your /home/user directory, perhaps re-create your user again?

As root user you could copy the folder to say backup_username and then remove/recreate;

su -
cd /home
cp -ar <your_user> backup_<your_user>
userdel -r <your_user>
useradd -u 1000 -m <your_user>
passwd <your_user>

Logout of your test user and login with <your_user>.

You can also delete/add the user via YaST, but would not copy the home dir.

Then I would start a new thread about what your wanting to do so it doesn’t bork again :wink:

I do have lots of packages and software downloaded to my user’s account. Presumably I could copy them one by one back to my newly created user. Is there any other way to do this?

Thanks again

Yes you would be able to copy them back, since the backup will have your user group/permissions etc…

It worked and took no time to copy! Thanks so much!!!

Then I would look at deleting the backup directory at some point once you have things up and running as required… Still worth a new thread on what your doing so can figure out why it borked…