login session in window mode with user return back to login even with good password (XFCE4 or iceWM)

Hi ,
for some days I could not any more login successfully in window mode when using user account (no problem of password).
leap 42.3 returns to this login window after some seconds (XFCE4 not displayed).
When using root there is no problem, I can login successfully, then with “change user” (if I don’t logout from root) it is possible to login successfully in user mode (but if I logout from root the problem is the same as above) , but at the next reboot it is the same problem…
Any solution… suggestion…

First, are you saying you are logging into the GUI as root???

Must Not Do That. Please!

Okay, done my duty as far as that goes.

Now, on Sun 08/27/2017, I decided to continue working on my fresh install of 42.3 with Xfce to get it set up and into production. First, I booted and logged in, looked it over, preparing to run updates before continuing setup. Everything seemed to be running fine at this point.

I then dropped to a terminal and ran zypper up to bring in all the latest updates (there were only 9 updates for that PC, and no kernel updates).

After that, I did a shutdown and cold boot, just something I like doing after running updates, though it is really not necessary without key updates like a kernel update.

Here are my notes of what happened next:

When I first logged in and launched Thunar file-manager, it would pop up full screen with a grey window and no contents, everything would lock, flicker a couple of times, then kick back to the login screen. After that would be okay. Tested with a few more Cold Boots and Reboots, same symptoms. Unmaximized Thunar, set its Window size to where I wanted it, and after that no more problem behaviour in the next few reboots, but that was simply coincidence, because later it happened again without Thunar maximized. I also first noticed it after I changed the Splash to none in Session and Startup, although that might have nothing to do with it. Might be the updates, or ???
SO FAR, it is only happening when I launch Thunar.

I am not sure, at this time, if it is the same thing, or even related, but I thought I should include it in your thread in case it is, we might get more help that way.

If it is not the same issue, which we will know within time, I will take mine to a separate thread.

In the meantime, I have been busy with other things and have not explored that further, so I have no answers at this time. I was going to be looking deeper into it sometime in the next few days, but tonight I saw your post and decided to chime in.

Unfortunately, it is late in the evening here, now, so I do not have the necessary alertness nor energy to head down to that other PC and start exploring tonight.

I will try to find the time tomorrow to look into it. In the meantime, maybe somebody else might have some ideas.

Good luck.

I ran into that problem with beta versions of 42.3. But I could not reliably repeat it, so I did not report a bug.

You should be able to login to Icewm. If you installed XFCE, there’s a menu near the top right of the screen where you can select which desktop, and Icewm should be there (in addition to XFCE).

I only ever had this problem with XFCE. And my fix was to login to Gnome, then logout, and then XFCE would work fine. But you probably didn’t install Gnome, so you won’t be able to do that.

OP said he has same problem with Icewm, not in the post, but in the title of the thread. :wink:

maybe your USER partition is filled up, eg with LOG files and loads of installs

try if you can get acces with another tty and , if you have installed, use MC, midnight commander, to check with out grafic environment if your USER is stuckup
move logfiles to yr desktop eg, or any other free space