Login Screen


Two different login screens appear, although he same installation media, same configuration and same version openSUSE 13.1 . . . . . . . . .

1- first one is similar to o the default as shown in the url:


2- and this is the second one:


what would be the reason ?



The first one is KDM (KDE’s Display Manager), the second one GDM (GNOME’s Display Manager).

If you choose to install KDE, KDM is installed/used, if you go for GNOME you’ll get GDM.

Sorry, but I am using KDE on both machines … although GNOME is installed on both too, but I am using KDE

It’s not about what you use. It’s about what you chose during installation.

The login screen is system wide. You can use both KDE and GNOME (or any other DE/session) with each login/display manager (click on the gear symbol to select the session). There can even be multiple users (logged in at the same time), each using a different session.

If you want to change the login screen, edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager, and set the DISPLAYMANAGER variable accordingly, e.g. for KDM you would set:


You can use YaST->System->/etc/syconfig Editor to do that if you prefer.

Yes, thank you wolfi323](http://forums.opensuse.org/member.php/40214-wolfi323) it is changed now