Login screen no theme branding after install of nVidia driver


I have fairly successfully installed the proprietary driver and it seems most things works nice. There is less tearing than in 15.1 and things run more smooth. One thing which is a little irritating is the login screen after the screen have not been used for a couple of hours. The theme branding is gone and before I move the cursor it’s only time and date on a black screen. When I move the cursor the field for username and password appear. There is no possiblity to choose type of session. I wondered first if this was some kind of standard, or if it something about the screen resolution which is not right in this sequence.

Have anybody experienced this, or is it standard? Is it possible to fix?

Dag R

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I have thought the login screen and the lock screen is the same, but I changed the picture in the lock screen, and now it works how it should. System settings -> behavior desktop (work space) -> screen lock - appearance.

Dag R