Login screen does appear, it freezes and then disappear

Hi everyone,
today I turned my computer on as usual, but when the login screen appeared the computer freezed and then the login screen disappeared again, left me with just a cursor. X11 logs shows nothing interasting. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help

are you running KDE on openSUSE?

I had a similar issue a few month back and I seem to remember (and my Bash history as well) that I deleted the “.cache” folder in my home folder.


Questions like this need more information, such as What Desktop? and What Display Manager?

Although, I suggest you try a different Display Manager, if I can count on what I think I see in my foggy Crystal Ball.:wink:


yes, I’m running KDE Plasma and sddm.

I’ve already tried that, doesn’t help :frowning: but the frozen login screen appears for a bit longer time.

Thanks for your response,



I’m using KDE Plasma and sddm.

Trying different DM is a good idea, I will try

Thank you for your response,


Given KDE Plasma 5 and SDDM, please take a look in the “/tmp/” system directory; the contents of your personal “~/.cache/” have absolutely nothing to do with the «system» SDDM login screen …

SDDM uses two sockets in “/tmp/”:

 > file /tmp/sddm-*
/tmp/sddm-:0-BgwwWl:                                socket
/tmp/sddm-authc920ed8c-1d7a-4773-88f1-96d26294d13f: socket

Unfortunately, currently, the “sddm-auth” socket isn’t properly released when the system is shut down.

Do you have a large number of old, out-of-date, unused “sddm-auth” sockets in the system’s “/tmp/” directory?

If that’s the case, you can safely delete all of the out-of-date “sddm-auth” sockets; it may be that, there’s a “sddm-auth” socket from a previous session which has an ID (the long hexadecimal string with a value such as «920ed8c-1d7a-4773-88f1-96d26294d13f») which is the same as the ID value SDDM wants to use for the system’s current session; therefore the SDDM crash …

I currently deal with this issue by placing a cron file in the system “/etc/cron.d/” directory with protections and content as follows:

 # ls -l /etc/cron.d/«A file name which is absolutely not interesting»
-rw------- 1 root root 143 24. Apr 17:18 /etc/cron.d/«A file name which is absolutely not interesting»
 # cat /etc/cron.d/«A file name which is absolutely not interesting» 
# No e-Mail
@reboot root /usr/bin/find /tmp/ -daystart -type s -atime +0 -iname 'sddm-auth*' -ls -exec /usr/bin/unlink '{}' \;