Login password problem

I have a problem with my login password. Even though I have set a login password for my account. The password is not asked when I start the computer. There is also no selection screen where I can choose whether I want to login as root or as another user.

did you try it in the terminal too?

try this

login as superuser (“su”)
“sudo passwd <user>”

and then set it

Did you just install? Then you may have left “Automatic login” checked. Then after a boot the GUI login is done automaticaly without asking for a password.

This can be switched off via Control Center (when using KDE, when using Gnome it must be about the same).

BTW, direct login as root is NOT something to be done at all:
SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

Automatic login is switched off but there is still no login screen.

Strange. To draw more attention of people wanting to help you, it might help when you tell a bit more about which openSUSE level installed, KDE/Gnome and what you did during install when the questions about adding users where asked.