Login password override

Is there a way to login to an account with only the root password? Because I really need it the first unlock the computer next to me and second because I just want to know.

Preferably with a graphical interface… I hope I am clear…

Yes you can but you really should not. If you must log in as root it is better do do so from the command line. It is just far to easy to mess up user’s stuff by logging in as root to a GUI. Press 3 at the boot and login as root and the root password.

no, I meant to unlock a session

I’ll leave my computer on tonight oh well I’ll find out how to get it off tomorrow…

You mean like a screen saver password?

no you can not you must use the user password for the session. You can press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to log on a terminal.

yes, like a screen saver password, when I log in to the terminal a cannot start the graphical x server because the user that is logged on uses GNOME Desktop Environment rather than KDE 4.3 which is what I installed the first time…

You need to explain more.

try this, not sure it will work.
Log in to the terminal as yourself

become root
su -
the - is important

type init 3 to shut down the GUI

type exit to become self again and type

See if that works

It turned into a mix between LXDE and KDE it would not shut down, but I used


I fixed it thank you!!!

Next time I’ll just login and use the ‘Halt’ command!

If you installed kde, how can the user be using gnome??? Or did you install both?

I installed both but actually I could not fix it… the desktop still is a mix between KDE and LXDE