Login page not appearing after kde 4.1

Hi everybody
i have installed kde4.1 from one click install from kde4.0. i saw it’s effects on kde4.0. but after a short restart now it just goes to command line and login page doesn’t appear!
what’s the problem? i had kde3 and kde4.0 installed on my system before, i had inactivated auto login.

i’m using suse 11.0!
what’s the problem? what should i do now? i installed it from kde4.0!
i will be pleasant for any suggestion!

if you want to run the default kde session you can type in at the command line


that should get you into kde if nothing is wrong.

Otherwise if you want to get to the login manager for kde. As root type in


that should bring up that standard login manager from there you can choose your version of kde you want to run, or any other installed window manager

i just accessed kde3
it didn’t solve my problem
but thanks