Login on both monitors after ugrading on 11-5-2022

Hello people.

I recently installed Susie and other than the Sudo issue things have been relatively smooth. I’m not sure if the dual login screens are a bug or a feature and I only mention it because on initial install the login box appeared on my primary monitor while only the default wallpaper and clock appeared on the secondary - good things. This isn’t something I care to fix as it affects nothing, I’m simply curious. Now the cursor is straddling the two monitors on startup and when I tap my shortcut to any app, it appears on the secondary monitor first - obviously not a real problem as I can simply move the cursor before opening an app but nevertheless, Linux has given me some sort of mentally irregular expectations.

I’m using Plasma for the first time and while I think it’s spectacular, it’s also very strange - like it’s had one drink too many. Thanks in advance for any input (pun intended).

The end.

It should be fine.

Multi-monitor handling has never been a Plasma strong point, but it’s probably no better elsewhere except where “automatic” display management is not attempted. Upstream several months ago KDE announced commitment to fixing multi-monitor problems, but so far nothing stable has materialized. It’s proving to be more difficult than expected, with planned fix targeted to have arrived in 5.26, since pushed to 5.27. There have been many upstream bugs filed on the subject generally. The foundational bug report is here.

If you are in the habit of having both monitors always on, such as a non-mobile configuration, you can probably find a solution you can live with. Not infrequently, accommodating dual screens means disabling KDE’s attempts to do any layout “managing” by disabling automatic startup of KScreen2, and instead using xrandr and/or arandr, or config files in /etc/X11/xorg.con*, to manage your screen positions and designate the primary display.

I ended up going with Gnome and all is working well - except when using wayland and not using GTK apps the mouse cursor doesn’t change when resizing columns/frames within the app. It stays as an arrow point. OpenSUSE TW has some strange quirks!