login manager

If I have to boot into failsafe or are otherwise in text mode, how do I manually bring up the login manager so I can choose what session I would like to begin?

I believe that since I chose Kde as my default when I installed OpenSUSE that it’s the kdm login manager but if I type that it goes straight into Kde.

If you re not getting the (correct) login screen manager (gdm/kdm/etc) you can always edit this manually in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager
The first line indicates which login manager is being used.

By what you are describing you are not getting the option to select a DE (GNOME/KDE/etc) because you have an autologin set making it so that you never see the initial login screen.

You can either disable the autologin using YaST’s user management modules or you can log out so you get to the initial login screen and select the appropriate session (GNOME/KDE/etc) before logging in again.

Is that what you mean?


No, I actually meant intentionally entering text mode (most likely) and then wanting to bring up the login manager from there.

You’re right. I do have autologin enabled.

Best way is to switch to init 5, with the command (as root) “init 5”. That will switch you into “GUI” mode.

You can also try starting xdm (“rcxdm start”), but depending on your settings that may just throw you right into your desktop.

Just my 2c…


And along these lines you can also default your system to only bootup into runlevel 3 (init 3), so you get the console login and don’t boot on into the login GUI.

You can do this by editing /etc/inittab

change the line

The default runlevel is defined here



The default runlevel is defined here


Entering ‘init 5’ when logged in to the console will then start the X environment and other services that are set to run in runlevel 5, but you can also just enter ‘startx’ in the console to bring up the GUI as the user you are currently logged in as.