Login loops after KDE update (Urgent!!)

You dont want to remove the folder just the files and any sub folders. the command to del is rm (remove) but take care using that you do it wrong and you can erase the whole root structure. So first be sure you are in the /temp directory

cd /tmp
rm -R *

note since you will be root this very powerful so be very sure you do it right. triple check that you are in the right directory

Note you can check on disk usage with df command. You can see all usage in system/selected directory with du command. I recommend you read the man files before you use these or any commands ie man [commandname]

Wait, this may be important: So as to get the boot loader to recognize there is a windows 7 option to probe when booting, I set the partition with that OS to automount and I chose one of the option I was provideed and it was “/temp”. After that I haven’t been able to either set to unmount or to change the mount point (I get error message -3002)

I guess we need to see your /etc/fstab file then to see what is being mounted. Though that should not really be a problem to log into a GUI it might cause a problem before you get to any GUI if the partition can’t be mounted for some reason.

the output of df doesn´t show any location above 58%. But, considering what I said about the windows system partitiion being mounted on /temp and what you say about the power of deleting as root, I fear I might destroy my Win7 and still not get suse to work. I’m thinking about a reinstall, pity because I had done many changes to the orginal installation to get everything working

Well, if you are unlucky all your Windows files have been deleted by now, because the /tmp directory gets cleaned periodically.
So you should change that as soon as possible!

Edit the file /etc/fstab. Remove the line for your windows drive or change the second column from “/tmp” to something else. (/windows/C or /mnt would be good candidates).

Before I go on, thanks a lot for your assistance!!! Then, I changed the 2nd column in fstab from “/temp” to “/windows”, and created a folder “windows” in / (I assumed the place to which I was going to mount the drive neede to exist. I checked in the partitioner that the change had taken place, but there the partition was still set to mount on “/tmp”. Tried again to manually set the mount point to “/windows”, got 2 error messages: one telling the label could not be changed (error 3024, if my memory doesn’t fail) and then another saying that the mounting point couldn’t be changed (error 3002 again). Now, I rebooted and what I got was a blue screen, somewhere near the point in the startup where the login screen should appear. I still could bring up the console login and get in with sudo startx

Well, could you please post your /etc/fstab? It’s a bit difficult to guess what has happened…

I don’t even want to look into fstab now, that must be a mess. It´s now 4 hours straight trying to fix it, I’m doing the reinstall. Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.