Login loops after KDE update (Urgent!!)


I got a rather weird problem. This morning I did an update of my suse installation
(OpenSuse 12.1/ KDE 4.8.2…) on my dell Inspiron 17R. I did it from my root account as I
sometimes do. Everything worked fine until then.

But: after logging out from root, logging into my user-account didn’t work. Instead I
constantly got back to the KDM login-screen. It was not because of typing-faults, I got no
fault reports. Logging into root didn’t work either anymore. A reboot did not change this behaviour.
I have not tried to login in in terminal mode. But I need to get to my user account. Ther’s work to be done …

What may cause this behaviour?
What do I have to do to changfe it?

Thanks for help!


Try switching login to IceWM

Ran into a nearly-exact same issue with a KDE upgrade with openSUSE Tumbleweed. I fixed it by logging in once as follows: On the login screen there’s a button that lets you choose which GUI to access. Choose the option “Plasma desktop”. That might work for you (or not lol).

Same problem with me (12.1 KDE 4.8.2 “release494”). I did some KDE updates yesterday evening before switching off. This morning after entering my password I repeatedly get the login screen after a very brief black screen. Console login worked fine but that’s not what I want. Then tried choosing a different GUI. I think I selected “KDE Workspace (failsafe)”. It worked and I have KDE with the same appearance and, so far as I can tell so far, the same functionality as before this issue arose.

It seems there may be a bug in the latest KDE update. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thanks a lot!

KDE works again after logging into IceWM, opening an closing the respective yast and KDE login apps. Seems that some config entry had been removed or damaged by the last update. Shouldn’t happen though.
I hpe it will get fixed!

Thanks a lot for help!


You are not using Tumbleweed though, are you?
I did see the login issue,but only on tweed. Did the usual as mentioned, making sure you select:

Plasma desktop

We’ve seen issues like this b4

I note that the OP said the logged in as root. I assume this is a the GUI. NEVER EVER log into a GUI as root. it can change ownership of files in your home and make booting into your GUI impossible without fixing the ownership issues.

I have a similar problem, with the addition that I choose from the options to switch to login in failsafe (before reading this thread). A terminal window appeared, with no other element on the screen (rest is all black) and I could not advance any further. I don´t know what command to type to change the login (so as to select “plasma”, for instance) so I’m left with forcing the system to shut down using the button. When I turn on the computer again, there’s no login screen, it automatically goes to the same terminal-like window.

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to text console login and remove/edit the file “~/.dmrc”.

As to your original problem:
Are you using the proprietary nvidia driver?
See here then: https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/applications/487130-no-user-acces-kde-whats-up-2.html#post2558327

Update: I’ve just tried typing “sudo startx” in that terminal window and I was able to login, albeit in an apparently new session (root session?, my customizations were gone, at least). How should I proceed to be able to login to my user session automatically again?

Yes, that was a root session then.
As I said before: delete the file “.dmrc” and add your user to the group “video” (replace $USERNAME with your username):

rm /home/$USERNAME/.dmrc
usermod -a -G video $USERNAME

I loggeg in using text console, typed “rm /home/javier/ .dmrc” and I get a message saying it cannot remove that because it is a directory. I tried without a space between the last dash and “.dmrc” and the message I get is “no such file or directory”

There should be no space between “/” and “.dmrc”, but if /home/javier/ was your current directory the file would have been deleted by the first command already.
So, does it work now? (don’t forget to add your user to the group “video”)

If not, try to turn off auto-login:
open /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager in a text editor (or use YaST->Editor for /etc/sysconfig), look for “DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN” and remove your username there. You should then be able to select your session the next time you reboot.

OK, I don’t know how I did it, but the terminal-like window is gone, and now again when I rebooted I ended up in the login screen (though my account was set to autologin). Now back to the earlier problem: I select my username (only one in the computer) and type my password. The screen goes black, the mouse cursor shows up in the “busy” mode and 3 seconds after that, the login screen appears again. If I try to type a different password, login fails. I was unable to log into plasma, icewm, custom, default, nor plasma failsafe. I don’t want to try logging in failsafe because I won’t know how to get rid of the terminal window again. The envidia issue shouldn’t affect me, because I have intel 3150. I also tried using the “usermod -a -G video javier” and I get a command not found for “usermod”

OK, that’s a different issue then.
The login screen reappeared, because you deleted .dmrc and the default session (KDE) failed to start. (.dmrc saves the last used session)

But you** can **login as root? (enter root as username and your root password on the login screen)

Can you login as user at the text console? (Press Ctrl+Alt+F1)

Please post the output of:

ls -la /home/javier/.*authority

I tried the yast editor to delete the autologin and I got the error message “configuration module kdm3 failed”
The output you requested is the following:
-rw------- 1 javier users 0 May 17 10:59 /home/javier/.ICEauthority
-rw------- 1 javier users 0 May 19 16:17 /home/javier/.Xauthority

I was able to login as root from the login screen and I when I try the console login, I type user and password, the text “have fun” (or something like that) appears but nothing happens. All the previous times I got into the desktop have been after typing “sudo startx” from the console login

I created a new user to try to log in through it. When I type name and password in the login screen, the kde splash appears (this doesn’t happen with my regular account, where screen just goes black before login screen reappears), but then a window pops up saying “call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full?). Check your installation” and login screen is back again

Sound like the tmp directory is full. Log into a console lev 3 boot as root del all in tmp try again. How much disk space did you allocate for root?

Don´t remember the space allocated, there should be near 15gb free in disk, and I don’t know what command to enter to delete temp folder (googling didn’t help)