I follow new threads by RSS (in Akregator). Whenever I click on a thread the main forums window pops up and gives me the possibility to login. After login it still shows the main window and not the thread I asked for.

I then click again in Akregator and a second window opens with the thread. This is a bit … (you call it).

I also found out that when all windows to the forums are closed I have to login again when opening a thread. Earlier I loged in once a day, opened a thread, maybe added a post, closed the window and opened the next thread. This is now impossible without keeping a useless window open somewhere.

Any suggestions on bettering my attitude or maybe changing the forum behaviour?

As for which display you get when clicking on an RSS link…something to look into as I haven’t paid any attention to it in the past.

As for connections, the default openSUSE login inactivity connection timeout is 1 hour which is good since it keeps the connections minimized and all the useless bot connections in check. It helps keep the server fast for everyone. The forum software will let us configure that but since it’s tied to the openSUSE login which is global to the openSUSE web site and wiki, it’s what we have.

Thanks for the answer.

About the maximum of one hour, I do understand the pro’s of it.

To make it clear: as I click on a RSS item the thread is loaded the same as when I click on the URL in a notification e-mail. That is perfect.

But when I have no forum URL open (not after one hour but imidiatly after I close the last Konqi window) I get the ‘home’ of the forums and have to login. After login I get the ‘home’ again, not the thread.

My remain-alive time when I close the browser is zero – new login required straight away. Any suggestions?

Same as swerdna: stay-alive-time is 0.

But I now get to the right place after login:
. click on a thread from a mail: get thread, after login, get back to thread;
. click on a thread in RSS list: same;
. click on a thread, do not login, but click ‘post reply’, this forces me to login and returns to the ‘reply to thread’.
All three perfect!