Login issue with 12.1, KDE and Winbind

I’m doing a brand new blank install of 12.1 with KDE and am running into an error.

I did the install wiping out the previous OS, set KDE as the desktop, selected Winbind for the authentication mechanism and joined the machine to AD.

When the machine reboots and KDE loads, I get the error message “Theme not usable with authentication method ‘Winbind / Samba’.”
If I click through the error, I get two username/password menus. One in the top left corner of the screen that also has the Domain dropdown that is populated with the AD domains for my network and then the standard KDE username/password menu in the center of the screen.

Has anybody else encountered this?


Hallo, please take a look at the Bug-List:

openSUSE:Most annoying bugs 12.1 - openSUSE


I’ve just hit this issue in 13.2, is there a workaround? As the bug is marked as fixed…

I only found this by incident.

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Also you problem is about a very different version of all software involved.

So, please start a new thread in the Install/Boot/Login forum and make a good title with describes in short keywords what your problem is.

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