login fallback

This may not be possible but if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful

I have 2 identical ldap databases on different machines for user authentication, automounts etc

In the ldap setup on the client I have both ldap servers listed

If server 1 fails, after a bit, ( It’s not quick but it works ) the client authenticates off server 2

This is brilliant :slight_smile:

Now the ldap servers point to the home directories for the clients to another server - which ever ldap server does the authentication provides the automaps and gives the same information

Now suppose the file server that provides the home directories has failed !!!

Is it possible to have on the local machine a /home/everyone, for example, and that the machine could fall back to if the file server has failed

KDE chokes on login if it can’t find a /home/username - I would like the machine to at least start even if I had multiple failures so the
machine would a start and users could surf and use our mail and cloudy like servers if all else failed.

Any ideas would help