Login fail Xsession

Hi, I’ve just install SUSE 11.3. GNOME and KDE are selected as GUI session.
At the login screen, in Session list I saw TWM, and after selected it as login session I couldnt login, and login screen disappear as well. It shows a black screen and the mouse pointer, and I have no idea how to switch to KDE or GNOME since no login screen. Please help me out.


Disable the autologin and your login should reappear :wink:
Start in Runlevel 3 and edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanagerDISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN=""

I did an update from kde 4.4 to 4.5 and get “failed login”. Sound didn’t work either. The above solution does not solve the login failed, however adding my name there, DID allow me to login. So now what has gone wrong, so that I can make it secure? This is a laptop, and I do not want it to autologin.

Interestingly, the sounds works, using autologin. ???:sarcastic: