Login after new installation of OS 11.1

I successfully installed OpenSuse 11.1 with lots of online updates.
After booting OS there is only the possibility to do a text login, there is no screen for login.
What am I missing?


did you perchance install the graphics driver for your card ? if so,make & model of card would help.Also, try


after a text login, see if that works. if it does, you can sort out your graphics via YaST


At the prompt to login in the CLI try your username then your password - then type:

if it fails
reboot and try failsafe login.

Your issue may be graphics related. Post back how you get on. Any info on your graphics might be good.

edit;(Ditto Andy)

My PC has an onboard graphics chip ATI Radeon 3100; the monitor is an IBM TFT monitor “ThinVision” L170. Both work perfectly with Windows XP Prof.

I called “startx” from the text login and received a short error list (which I would attach if I knew how) and an extremely long log file in /var/log. I tried to use Yast but did not achieve anything. Funny is, that I see the screen with the GRUB selections and during bootup the screen with “openSuse” and the progress indicator in the black field. But as soon as the boot process is finished the screen diappears and I have only the possibility to log in text mode.

The other funny thing is that when starting in safe mode everything is there: the Login screen to select users, a desktop with all the icons,
internet is working: the whole shebang works.
There I tried with Yast to change the settings of the graphics but whatever I tried a test was