Logicaldoc DMS Help (cant get it started)

I have installed the correct java… sun’s made sure its the right one and selected.

Installed sun’s java app on firefox

on terminal in correct folder both as root and non root, installed to 2 different spots.
java -jar (filename)

then your sposed to be able to open browser and goto
to use the program… runs on a tomcat serverlet? which is sposed to be installed and an internal database for now (will use postgres later when getting it set up for full time use)

Fire wall is turned off
what am I doing wrong… I got it working under windows 7 but admin friends said thats not secure enouogh.

logicaldoc requires that you run a servlet container like tomcat. First make sure that your tomcat is working. Once that is verified, just copy the logicaldoc.war file to the webapps directory of your tomcat installation.
Now, you should be able to access via

(Assuming that your tomcat is listening on port 8080 on the localhost).

After this, you can configure the rest of the stuff as mentioned in the installation guide.