Logging out stalls after sudo zypper dup.

My system takes several minutes to re start, mainly due to bios processes before grub even starts so after running sudo zypper dup and if no reboot is required I used to log out and back in again rather than reboot.

Recently when I log out using gui the process stalls and I have had to recourse to REISUB to reboot.

I have no idea what is going on because I remain stuck at the desktop.

Please could somebody help me sort out what I am doing wrong. Could I ask also what is correct way to get rid of all the KDE images and “light bulb” and simply be able to see the screen scrolling past when I boot or shut down.

I usually reboot after update. Occasionally this hangs, although that is rare.

When it hangs, I try:
CTRL-ALT-DEL : usually forces a reboot


CTRL-ALT-F1 : gets to a command line where I login as root and do a manual shutdown

As for screen: I delete the “splash=silent” from the boot command line. So I don’t see the plymouth screen. Instead, I see messages, both on boot and on shutdown/restart.

Hi and thanks. Yes I do the same which is fine on laptop but not on my server. Will have to chose my moments for rebooting but it is a shame that logging out has become such a lottery. I have edited the boot settings once again but the Ctrl-Alt-Del often fails in theses situations. Will try your suggestion so I can I hope then shut down gracefully.