logging into another computer with krdc and krfb.

I need to log into another computer on the same LAN, using krdc.

krfb and vncserver on the host computer is started, but I can not log in because I do not know the password for krfb (forgot to write it down when I first started krfb). I am not keen to use the default password, but need to change it to something more suitable for my situation, as I did when using Leap 42.2.

Can anybody advise me how to change the password? I can not find this information in the manual.
There is also no information on how to re-open the dialog box that popped up when I first started krfb

Thanks for helping

According to the krfb manual, the default password for unattended access is empty. <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kdenetwork/krfb/using-krfb.html>

Most KDE applications which need passwords, store those passwords in KWallet – may I suggest that, you inspect the KWallet on the machine being accessed.