logging into a windows domain with opensuse 12.2

I am having an issue setting up my Opensuse box on my work windows domain. I have gone through Yast and joined the domain through Network Services > Windows Domain Membership and successfully joined the domain but when I restart my box my time gets updated correctly (within 5 minutes) of the domain controller but the list of domains remains as: <Local> or Null. I am new (ish) to opensuse and cant figure this one out, why doesn’t my domain show up in the list? I have read that only Domain admins can login, is that true or can just regular users login as well? Any help that you can give would be great!

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> well? Any help that you can give would be great!

Have a look at the “openSUSE 12.3 Security Guide”, chapter “5. Active
Directory Support” (doc.opensuse.org).

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All machines in a Domain must sync to within a second or so of each other. If your clock is 5 minutes off, it won’t connect to anything in the Domain.

Ideally, a DC should be designated as the Time Server for all Hosts, double check that’s what’s happening.


Thanks for the replies, I noticed that when booting and the login screen comes up the time is wrong. Then 5-10 seconds later the time updates, so I think the NTP is working. I have also set the primary and secondary DNS IP address in my network configuration. Is there anywhere else that I need to set my DNS values? Is it normal for my time to take that long of time to update? Is there any log files anywhere I can look to see what is passing or failing?

If you’re logging into a Windows AD Domain,
From a client perspective, things should “just work” if you used the YAST wizard to join the Domain.
You shouldn’t need to configure DNS or DC addresses, DHCP should provide your machine the necessary information to find DNS and DHCP.

In fact, if your client machine didn’t get the proper DNS without your manual assistance, that can be an indication you didn’t setup your AD properly or you have a rogue DHCP in your network.

Re your Q about Domain Admins…
No, a Domain Admin account is required only when joining the AD. After that, you are required to have a regular Domain User Account to login to the Domain from your machine (and don’t forget to specify the Domain in your login, you’re authenticating to the DC, not locally to your openSUSE). Also, you should be able to verify successfully joining the Domain by inspecting the machine and user accounts in the AD, the machine should be listed as “unknown”