Logging into a nonbroadcasting network.

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I’m a recent convert to SUSE (well, linux generally), been running it happily on my desktop for about eight months now. So when I learned about KDE plasma netbook I jumped at the opportunity to put it on my laptop too.

I have an Acer Aspire One, with an Atheros AR5001 wifi card. I’m not having any luck with knetworkmanager so I did my config in YaST. I can’t get on my home wireless network, and I think the problem has something to do with the fact that it doesn’t broadcast SSID. Connection works when I set my router to broadcast - I can ping, browse the web, etc. I can’t even ping it when it’s not broadcasting.

I have checked, and the AR5001 is supported natively (so sayth the web). I’m not lacking any firmware, per the stickied checklist. I can even scan and find my neighbor’s (broadcasting SSID) setup. Where do I go next?

When you have your ESSID hidden (not broadcasting), were you able to connect to your home network using YaST? If you go into the network devices settings in Yast, you should be able to select your wireless adaptor, select “edit”. Somewhere in the two or three pages options, you will see options for “Operating Mode”, “ESSID” and “Authentication Modes”.

Select “Managed” for operating mode, enter your ESSID in the “ESSID” field. select the appropriate Authentication mode from the dropdown list “WEP, WPA, WP2 etc” and enter your key/passphrase. If you are not using any security on your wireless network, you can leave Authentication on “Open”

Give that a try and let us know!

In addition to the very helpful reply You already got You can check out this thread. I think the solutions mentioned there might work for You.
Hidden SSID Wifi on 11.3 KDE NetworkManager

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I’m still not entirely sure what I was doing wrong, but that did it. Thanks!

Glad you got it working. I would suggest taking another look at Knetworkmanager. Since you have a netbook, I assume you will be taking it places. You will probably want to connect to another wireless network at some point. While it is perfectly OK to use YaST to configure your wireless card, you will have to go through the hassle of opening yast, putting in your root password, navigating to the wireless settings page etc…each time you want to switch networks. This can be a pain in the behind.

When you are using Knetworkmanager, you should be able to right click on the icon, select “Manager Connections”, then select the “wireless tab” on the window that appears. There will be an option to add a new connection. Fill in all your details in the appropriate fields (ESSID, passphrase, operating mode etc). You can also check “connect automatically” if you so choose. This way, whenever your wireless card is on, and is in range of your network, it will connect automatically. By left clicking the Networkmanager Icon, it will give you a list of availble access points as well.

Its your choice either way. :slight_smile: Just remember, you can’t mix and match. You can either control your wireless with Network Manager or Yast (traditional Method with ifup). Personally, I think Network manager is the way to go. good luck!

I had a similar problem for a very long time with KNetworkManager, switching to the NetworkManagement plasmoid (zypper in plasmoid-networkmanagement) solved my problems.