Logging in RPM Spec file

Hello, could anyone advise? Where is the default log file on linux for an RPM spec file? I am trying to find destination of the ‘echo’ statements in the spec file.

Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Are you using the rpmbuild command? It should be all in the output in the terminal session you run, else in the spec file there should be a build-root equals some path (normally you run as your user, so should be in your home directory under rpmbuild), then things like config logs etc will be here.

Perhaps some more detail on the command your running etc.

Sorry Malcolm, my reply didn’t seem to post yesterday. Thank you for your response. The RPM spec file is a new concept for me as well as our build process - but I do see the rpmbuild command in one of our Makefiles: rpmbuild --buildroot $(PWD)/.build… The $PWD is my current dir, but a .build does not exist. So I’m assuming the rpmbuild gets executed during our make of the rpm. I then run a make to create the appliance oem that will then be installed on an NVR. I don’t think I understand our current process enough to provide specific information and I had thought that maybe the rpm spec process had a default log location. I have searched our directory structure for any possible related log but to no avail. I do appreciate the help though and if you had any other pointers.

Well I would guess if nothing is in the .build location, then your make process is not getting that far in the make process…maybe if you run make V=1 there may be more verbose output?

Normally there are also rpm temp files in /tmp directory as well.

What OS are you running this on?

Hello, OS where rpmbuild is run is: Linux 3.12.49-11-default. OS where rpm is installed is on a Virtual machine (host machine=unbuntu): Linux 4.1.35-4-default.
thanks for your input - I will look into the verbose command. Many thanks!

You would be far better to use the Virtual Machine to build the rpm, unlikely the development files would match. Or consider using OBS;