log in screen

I updated my OS11.1 using KDE 4.3 beta from Factory desktop and X11 repos two days ago. After reboot and log in the KDE does not start and turns back to log in screen. I made this on my laptop where I can log in in failsave mode. I tried to update all again but no success. On my desktop the system freezes after running startx in failsave mode. Any suggestions, please? Thanks. J.

First let me exclaim “Why, oh why”. From what it looks like you lost your video driver. ATI or NVIDIA?
Please post content of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And now the Why, oh why. Too many people are starting to use alpha and beta packages, not having any clue about the consequences. To do so, one needs a bit more than basic understanding of linux, for example know how to edit xorg.conf to get X working with a basic driver.
If what I wrote is abacadabra to you, you should not run beta packages. Stick to the stable ones, learn how to act on a kernel update, on an Xorg update.