log_in screen don't have option for other desktop

hi all , i have just installed opensuse leap 42.3 , i can log in to kde desktop only , i installed other desktop(mate) but can’t find option for that in log in screen .
any help?

What software is handling your login?

If it is SDDM, then the option is near bottom left of the screen.
If it is GDM, then the option is a gear will below the password field.
If it is LIGHTDM, then the option is in the panel, top right. You might have to experiment to see which icon to click.

If your login is handled by XDM, then you are out of luck. But you can change that. If KDE is installed, then SDDM should also be installed. So switch to that. You can use Yast /etc/sysconfig editor for this. Scroll around to find the DISPLAYMANAGER setting. And set it to “sddm”.

it was LIGHTDM and i changed the DISPLAYMANAGER to “sddm”
it worked fine.
thanks man.

Then I would suggest that you go back to “lightdm”, and try to figure out how to change the desktop that you can login to. The advantage of “lightdm” is that it unlocks the Gnome keyring, while “sddm” doesn’t. And I’m pretty sure that MATE uses the Gnome keyring.