Log analyser for Samba

i need an program that i can filter my samba logs to help to find errors.

All i find on NET is for web servers. Anyone knows one?

Cristiano Botelho

That’s an interesting question. I never thought of that before because I didn’t have a need to but as it might be useful information in future so I did a search.

There’s sawmill, but that costs money.

I see some postings say that logwatch can handle samba logs, but the documentation is not very informative about how it can process samba logs. Let us know if you get logwatch to work.

I would have thought somebody would have written a Perl script to do this, and in fact I found a post in the Samba forums from 1998 from someone I know, about a quickie script he wrote. I’m sure the URL he posted doesn’t exist anymore since I know he has changed jobs at least twice.

Do let us know what you find out.

i found sawmill too, but its costs money and i don’t waste my time on it.

will try www.logwatch.org and posts the results here.:slight_smile: