Locking packages to prevent uninstalling during upgrade


I am about to upgrade my main server to Leap 15.3. I have mailman installed on it now and from a previous thread


it looks like mailman will be uninstalled as there is no replacement in Leap 15.3.

Is there anyway of preventing the deinstallation by locking the package in Zypper/YaST? Or any other method?

I accept it may well not work following the Upgrade but at least I can give it a try?


Locking any ordinary app should work OK. Locking basesystem packages can cause trouble. I habitually do upgrades with multiple locks in place. I can’t imagine locking mailman would be any serious problem, but you might wish to contact mailman’s maintainer for a recommendation.

Just to close the loop here.

Thanks mrmazda for the advice.

I locked the mailman package in YaST and then upgraded. Mailman was not uninstalled and still works as far as I can tell.