locked password file

I tried to start up a backup computer which I hadn’t used for a while (opensuse 12.2 32bit). So I forgot the root password. I got into a rescue mode and changed it. Then I upgraded to 13.2 and found the root password was not recognized anymore. So I went back into rescue mode by editing the grub2 command line, adding ‘init=/bin/bash’. then I wanted to execute ‘mount -o remount,rw’ which wasn’t recognized anymore. When I tried to change the password I got
truck:/ # passwd
New Password:
Reenter Password:
Cannot lock password file: already locked
Error: Password NOT changed
passwd: Authentication token lock busy
passwd: password unchanged
truck:/ #
The mount command obviously has changed from 12.2 to 13.2. What can I do - besides the obvious to reinstall the system?
Thanks for any help.

Sorry, the problem is solved. This thread is closed.

Hey guy! How do you fix?