Locked out

My desk system froze this morning, so I’m using my laptop. Every reboot puts me into “You are in emergency mode” mode, but the keyboard is inoperable. (it shows in BIOS, but the OS doesn’t read its data. Connection light lights up, too, even when I move the plug.) I’m not terribly excited about a re-install and I don’t have a PS-2 keyboard anymore. Now, what?

P.S. I can edit the boot params by pressing “e” and appending “init=/bin/bash” to the Linux parameters, but, alas, the keyboard is still non-functional when I get to the command line.

Way cooler in an ironic way: I fiddled with an “upgrade” while waiting for someone with sage advice. After spending 20 minutes at 75% progress in system analysis, the thing came up with a warning:

Some partitions in the system on /dev/sda2 are mounted by kernel-device name. This is not reliable for the update since kernel-device names are unfortunately not persistent. It is strongly recommended to start the old system and change the mount-by method to any other method for all partitions.

I think I see a problem.

YaST2 - installation @ install

The installed product is not compatible with the product on the installation media. If you try to update using the current installation media, the system may not start or some applications may not run properly.

I decided to push through the warning because I could not figure out how to address the issue. If I press “Continue” and it fails, then there is no “sage” process forward, except for a full non-upgrade re-install.

If 42.2 -> 42.3 is upgradable, shouldn’t 42.3 -> 42.3 be a workable upgrade?

Error: file `/boot/x86_64/loader/linux’ not found
I’ve installed several times, this last time allowing everything to default.