Locked icons on gnome Desktop

Hi list,

I have 2 locked icons on my Gnome Desktop that i am unable to remove it or move it (Online Help and openSUSE) … Why i can remove them ? And what is the trick to remove those icons ?

Thanks in advance

I found the icons, there are in /usr/share/dist/desktop-files … But it’s strange to do not permit move/delete on those files for the user :frowning:

Same problem here Jarjar. Does anyone know of a way to remove these icons?

Thanks in advance.

Go to the directory where they live and as root delete them.

Have a look here for more info : https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=438071

Hopefully fixed with an update soon… until then you can either delete or reassign the icon folder.

Thanks for the replies. They have been banished to oblivion >:)

For the Trash & Home folder:
To remove the home folder, open the 'More Applications menu. Under the ‘System’ category, choose GNOME configuration editor.

Then open Apps menu, then Nautilus. Highlight ‘desktop’ and then uncheck home_icon_ visible.

Now for the other two:

In Console log in as Su, then type
“rm SuSE.desktop”

after that type
“rm GnomeOnlineHelp.desktop”

run from terminal file manager with admin privilegies with command gnomesu nautilus and after putting root password delete those desktop diles from /usr/share/dist/desktop-files

They wont show up in the directory you listed.