i have a problem with opensuse 10.3 on my laptop

when i want to change my screensaver,it locks(or hangs) and i can’t do anywork on it

another question that i want to end a task like as end task manager in windows xp
how do i do that?

What DE (GNOME, KDE, other?) are you using? To be able to answer which taskmanager to use.

Do you have XGL (desktop effects) enabled? Some screensavers can make the system go ga-ga with 3D compiz enabled. Give your system some time to ’ come back’ and try switching to the previous screensaver (if you are in preview mode) by using arrow up/down.



i use kDE 3.5
i enabled XGL but how to work with desktop effect
how to enable desktop effect?
i installed compiz settings manager but when i click on it it doesn’t run