Lock screen remove other restart options

I am using KDE on Leap 15.4 and this PC is connected to a KVM. When the KVM is used to select this PC if the display has been turned off due to inactivity it needs the mouse to reactivate the display however in doing this one of the additional options like Hibernate etc could be activated accidentally so I would like to remove these additional options from this screen and prevent accidentally hibernating or sleeping this PC. Can this be done any way?


Which user interface?

  • GNOME?
  • KDE Plasma?
  • Command line VT (ttyx)?
  • Something else?

In his first post, in his first sentence: I am using KDE on Leap 15.4 …

I did say KDE just missed out Plasma.


You only need to move the mouse, right? So as long as you do not press any button there is no risk.

Yes but the keyboard and mouse are wireless so simply moving the mouse does not always wake up the mouse!


Is it OK to completely disable hibernating/sleeping or you just want to remove it from this particular screen?

The main thing I want is a lock screen with no other options except the ability to enter the password to unlock, no other options at all.


I locked my screen. Went to logical screen 1 (Ctrl-Del-F1), logged in and schecked the process tree. I found

/usr/lib64/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet --emmediatelock --graceTime 5000 --ksldfd

Maybe you can try and find some documentation about kscreenlocker_greet on the KDE site. Or ask about it’s configurability on the KDE forums.

Okay, why not press the right mouse button then?

Yes I know there are several options but I do not need or want these options on my lock screen. If the screen cannot be unlocked with a password I do not want anyone trying anything else. Personally I can see no real reason for having them there and in my view these options should be optional.