Location of sendmail+milter?

Hello all! I’m just getting back into Linux administration (for home use) after a long abcense. I have gone through a good number of distros all the way back to Slackware but I’m struggling to get my brain moving in the right direction again.
I am working to enable sendmail and, from what I’ve read, it appears that newer version of sendmail are installed with milter but I can’t seem to locate this. I am running v11.4 so I’m wondering if this is just not the case? I don’t have a problem reconfiguring/recompiling the sendmail conf files but would rather not if it’s not required. For the record my ultimate goal is to have the spamassassin and clamav milter’s installed and using the home server as our primary email.
Thanks much and it’s good to be back! :wink:

Postfix is the default now, just install clamav and spamassassin and configure your postfix via YaST.

If you install sendmail, that will probably cause postfix to be uninstalled. The sendmail binary is “/usr/sbin/sendmail”, and the configuration macros are in “/usr/share/sendmail”. Sendmail was built with Milter support, though I have not tried using that. I’m not sure whether anything milter related is installed with sendmail.

So Sendmail isn’t used anymore? I have some long-forgotten knowledge of Sendmail Admin and was warming up the old admin guide I have so I was planning on using that.
Am I better off using Postfix? I’ll take a look at it.

Thanks, but the /usr/share/sendmail directory did not exist on my 11.4 system. I was going to download the source for Sendmail and start configuring it, though.

Yes you are better off using postfix because by default openSUSE is configured for postfix. You would be swimming upstream trying to use sendmail. Not that there’s anything wrong with sendmail; I have to deal with it on RHEL. So take it as an opportunity to learn postfix, or to learn to build your custom sendmail.

Get into the yast software manager. Search for “mail”. Select “sendmail” and perhaps “sendmail-devel” (or whatever it is called). Maybe select “vacation” while you are about it. Then install. “/usr/share/sendmail” should be there after that install. Yast will tell you that sendmail conflicts with postfix, and give you a choice to cancel or to remove postfix.

I usually switch to sendmail, out of habit. In truth, I do most of my mailing from a webmail site so I don’t much use sendmail. But when I need a local MTA, sendmail is an old friend.

I started down the ‘build your custom sendmail’ route yesterday but was forcibly reminded of what a PIA it is. Before I start banging my head on the wall I think I’ll try out Postfix since I’m hearing good things. It appears that it supports the Sendmail Milter add-ons so that’s what I’m mostly looking for anyway. Hopefully that isn’t a hack add-on.
Thanks much!