Locating /home on a different partition due to hardware changes

I currently have a conventional /home that maps to sda2:/home. I also have a directory i have called homeA which maps to md0:/homeA and I want to swap them over. I have 2 renamed copies of fstab one to suite each so just have to copy to fstab to select the correct boot mapping for each.

What I have found is that I can rename sda2:/home without problem. The change happens because if I launch firefox it complains that it can’t find it’s init files. So I can for instance rename this one to /home_old.

What I can’t do is change the name of homeA to home. An error message pops up that looks to be the same - in use - however I do it as root. It isn’t in use by anything and it seems odd that I can rename the current /home but not the one I want to switch too.

This happens from the desktop either via the su console or even via su dolphin. The error splash looks the same in both cases.

I then wondered if something had been built in to prevent this particular change so tried booting up to the prompt but safe mode just takes me to my usual desktop.

I looked at the permissions using stat and both directories look to be identical.

:’(I’m likely to need pretty explicit instructions on how to make this change if it involves unusual commands.-- Help.


Did you try using the Yast paritioner?