I while we are at it. I saw my post being generated at Today, 05:41. I normaly am sleeping at that time. Then I saw the PM (what is that again? :wink: ). I choose my timezone, can’t I choose my date/time display to be an immidiatly understandable string?

I see you are in GMT +1. Choosing your timezone in the User Control Panel should make all displayed times relative to your time. I’m not seeing the AM/PM issue you report. The default server time is Mountain Time where the server resides so guests and new users that haven’t selected a time zone will see that one. I could change that to GMT. Post a screen shot of a time display you see as not being correct so I can understand what you’re seeing. Thanks for the report.

It is now 19:44 on my system. See your reply in the screenshot. Must be about one hour ago. It reads 6:43 PM.

Ahem, made the screenshot, but how do I attache it. Downwards it says: You may not post attachments.

just post a link to the screenshot, use ImageShack to upload

It is not the time that is wrong, it is how it is shown. Not 07:56 PM, but 19:56 (not the timezoneis wrong, but there is no Localisation). Btw it now 19:51, so it is at least 5 mins off.

You could paste it to one of these sites:

Thanks for your support in tracking this down.

I concur, I’m seeing all the times represented in 12H format despite changing options.

The date/time display options for vBulletin are global to the server and not configurable on an individual basis. It’s also not tied to your profile in openSUSE login. Currently the sever time display is set for AM/PM display format. Does this answer the question?

Oh, and I do see the ntp server time isn’t working correctly right now. Working on that…

Glad I at least got that about NTP all right.

The whole bussiness about being in the right timezone is rather useless in my opinion when you can not grab the time indication at a glance.

We are not 24 hours into our history now, but may we expect to see totaly ununderstandable dates (except for those who happen to know where the server is placed and what the local habits are)?

I’ll talk it over with the other forum staff and see what the thoughts are about changing to 24 hour format.

Thanks for this.

As it seems that a screenshot is not needed aftr all (all seem to understand what I mean) I will not follow your receipe now. It seems that such a simple thing as adding an all explaining illustration to your problem involves third parties, which is not something I am doing lightly. Will study this first.

That is all right. I suppose bringing the new forum to live is your firstpriority now.

But this being an international forum, consulting ISO standards aboute date/time printing may be usefull.

We have a screenshot forum where uploads are allowed

Just FYI.

Thanks, I appreciate.

But that is for complete threads and not easy when, like this thread, you halfway ask for a screenshot.

Never mind, no adding of screenshots has its pro’s. I remember one guy who, instead of pasting CLI output into his posts, added screenshots! Very difficult help him, you have to look at several windows to try to understand him and in the same time can not past his commands in a terminal of your own :confused: