local network address resolution

Last night I got an nfs conection working between my two computers. This morning it didn’t work, which I suspect is because my router changed the address of the nfs server. Here is the info from the router:

Attached Devices

IP Address Device Name MAC Address

1 LINUX-IKEG 00:E0:4C:B4:E4:FF
2 MYTHBOX 00:23:54:9E:7E:95

MYTHBOX is the server. I got nfs working again by entering the address for MYTHBOX in yast->hostnames, but I’m pretty sure the address changed overnight. How can I make sure MYTHBOX always points at the right address?

LAN IP addresses can be assigned in the router config. Usually you allow a range. In your case: = should be the router

Then from (think how many devices you will connect with, let us say 5 possible devices)

Then in the address reservation section you assign the MAC of your device/s to a specific LAN IP.
You don’t have to assign a MAC to every one of the the range you have. For eg, I have a couple spare at the end for visitors that come to my home, then I just add them in.

Not sure what a MAC is, but I found a place in my routers internal web page where you can reserve an address. Is that what you are referring to? LINUX-IKEG 00:E0:4C:B4:E4:FF

The bold bit is your MAC

All network devices have them. You can use the MAC to manage access control too in wireless settings.