Local Apache Not Recongnizing New Folder

I’m running OpenSuse 11.3 X64. I have installed apache2, PHP5 and MySQL in order to do some web-design offline e.g. they are for internal network use only. There is also phpMyAdmin installed. The default directory for the “server” is /srv/www/htdocs.

To access a specific site in progress I create a subfolder there then just navigate via hp:// from my internal network. At least that is how it should work but it doesn’t. I created a new folder called wlc so it’s directory is /srv/www/htdocs/wlc however when I go to the address hp:// I get a Remote Server Or File Not Found error from my browser, there is files in there ,index.php, that should load and apache has been set to recognize *.php files.

I know the theory should work as I can access /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin by going to hp:// and it loads just fine. Also the error is different if I go to a folder that doesn’t exist for example hp:// will return an Object Not Found error.

And what when you try h**p:// ?
And have you checked ownership (user and group) and access-bits of the directory and the file?

Same if I try h**p:// As for the ownership I’ve tried having the ownership both as my user and root however same result. Access-bits I’m not sure what they should be at for apache to run it?

You could at least look at what they are for* /srv/www* itself. And also you could post them here, as we can not look into your system, while you can.

You may try changing file permissions to user:wwwrun and group:www which apache operates as. Check if that workes.