Loat Program Entry in Applications Menu

I have openSUSE 11.4 KDE (64-bit). Very inexperienced Linux user.
I just dragged Thunderbird’s icon to the lower panel so that it can be launched quickly. But now when I go to Application Launcher -> Applications -> Internet -> E-mail, the Thunderbird entry is no longer visible.
How do I bring it back?

The program is located here: /usr/bin/thunderbird

Its program start name in KDE is listed as: thunderbird %u

You could right click on the SuSE Menu icon and elect to Edit Applications, Navigate back to Applications -> Internet -> E-mail and add Thunderbird back in if you wanted to.

Thank You,

That worked. Thanks!

That worked. Thanks!
Happy to be of service tb75252. I normally post some added info for our newer users. Forgive me if you have seen this before.

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