loading software catalog in leap 15.1

The catalog loads but also displays the message “Sorry something went wrong”. I can’t find what went wrong.
I suspect nothing is wrong but why the message?

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I am sorry, but it is unclear to me what you are doing. Always tell, or better show, what you are doing and please do not assume that others are doing tha same thing all the time and thus guess correct what you are talking about.

Best is to copy/past from the terminal (emulator) including the prompt/command line, the output (of course) and the new prompt line (to ahoe completeness) in your post. And then paste between CODE tags, which you get by clicking on the # button in the tool bar above the post editor. An example is here: Using CODE tags Around your paste.

Next best is a screen shot of the window(s) that show your problem, that can be stored on https://susepaste.org/, post the link to the image in your post.

Of course a description of what you do, what you expect, and what you get instead of what you expected goes with the technical facts.

Because my preferred GUI is KDE, I was a little bit taken aback by the term “software catalog” but, on searching I found that, it’s the GNOME “Software” graphical tool for installing applications and extensions.

So, we’re using openSUSE and, the documentation is here: <https://doc.opensuse.org/>.

<https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/gnomeuser/html/book.gnomeuser/cha-gnomeuser-use.html#sec-gnomeuser-use-updates> – which points us to the “Start-Up” book.

  • Install, update, and remove software delivered as an RPM via PackageKit
  • Install, update, and remove software delivered as a Flatpak
  • Install, update, and remove GNOME shell extensions (https://extensions.gnome.org)
  • Update firmware for hardware devices using Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS, https://fwupd.org)

So, now we’re guessing at the error message you’re seeing:

  • A RPM / PackageKit issue?
  • A Flatpack issue?
  • A GNOME shell extensions issue?
  • A Linux Vendor Firmware Service issue?

[HR][/HR]Please try the following recipe for GNOME “Software” issues: <https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/03/fix-gnome-software-stuck-with-software.html>.

  • Please report back with the results of the above recipe.
  • Please also report back with a more detailed description of the error GNOME “Software” was reporting.

Agreed the !OP has to be more descriptive what was invoked or happening when the error displayed,
Besides what has been described, there are possibly other scenarios…

A simple repo refresh in some situations, perhaps YaST Software Manager or something else…
Someone who is used to DEB management might expect a 2 step update first downloading and refreshing the packages listing before any operations whereas in openSUSE we only invoke one command (eg zypper update or running a YaST update) that will automatically do the packages list refresh silently if needed.

“Something went wrong” is a generic message many apps throw…


Thanks everyone for your replies and helpful advice. I will follow up at my next opportunity and report back.


Looking into the “gnome-software” RPM package and various reports concerning usage of this “Software Center” (App Store) application it seems that,

  1. There are no configuration files in /etc;
  2. There’s no documentation in ‘/usr/share/doc/packages/’;
  3. There’s only a man page …

Please consider invoking GNOME “Software” and note the time when it errors; then, with the user “root”, from a terminal window, examine the system journal:

journalctl --this-boot

Search for the time when the GNOME “Software” application was started and then, check for any errors written to the system journal by the GNOME application.


Please note that, I’ve submitted Bug #1157126 - “Flatpak has been built without the libsystemd dependency”.


BTW, did you read this? <https://flatpak.org/setup/openSUSE/>

[HR][/HR]But, the issue raised in the Bug Report remains …

When running Leap 15.1 in Gnome, ignore the Gnome software catalog entirely. It does not work when running OpenSUSE. Instead, software is managed inside Yast with the Software Management tab. Just click it and install away. It works great.

Unfortunately, there’s an entry in the Leap 15.1 Startup Guide: <https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/startup/html/book.opensuse.startup/cha-yast-software.html#sec-updater-gnomesw>.

  • This Forum thread is indicating that, it don’t work as it should do …

[HR][/HR]I’ve submitted Bug 1157209 - GNOME Software doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly.