Loading Compiz in KDE 3.5

Compiz will load through the fusion icon if i put a symlink to fusion-icon in ~/.kde/autostart but this causes the screen to flicker. I have also tried using the KDE Config Manager to set “compiz” as my default wm but this doesn’t load my plugins…

I’m confused as to why my plugins don’t load when I use this method. As soon as I open fusion-icon however my plugins start up again.

An example of this is, I have ring switcher enabled but alt-tab uses the compiz default alt-tab instead. The most annoying part is the Mac-OS style expose that hapens when my mouse goes to the top right corner.

Does anyone know how I can avoid loading Kwin and the fusion icon before loading compiz? How can I get my plugins working with the second method as I can’t stand the effect that takes place when I move my mouse to the top-right corner.

Thanks in advance.

When I used Compiz in kde3 I always booted with the default WM, then loaded the Fusion Icon and switched WM.
It was never stable enough for my liking. All I can offer - sorry.

Thanks I guess I will just have to live with the breif black screen after login…

If anyone has any suggestions tell me.