load software from cd or web...how?

Hi, can you help. I have new Xerox MFPrinter 3119 & it came with a cd containing the linux driver. How do I load the software? I am able to get the cd up, click on “install driver” from the cd but it then tells me that I need root a password, thats where it ends. I don’t know when and where to put my password in, it doesn’t give me an option. I am familar with YaSt & the password required to use it but the existing drivers in YaST don’t include the printer I have. So how do I load software other than whats supplied in YaST? Yes I’m new to Suse, been 3 days now we have been together and I feel like its my first time on a PC. Thanks for helping me.
kind regards

I had a look at the driver package from the web site. I think it may be simpler to download the driver, just download and unzip to your home folder. Otherwise, copy the folder called Linux from your CD to your home folder.

Then, try this:

Start a command console (if you use KDE 3.5.9, there should be a console icon visible on the task bar - looks like a little video screen. If using KDE 4, try right-click on the desktop, click Run… and enter: konsole)

When the console starts, type these commands (ie type the commands then press Enter):

cd Linux
(enter your root password as prompted)

I don’t know what experience you have with PCs/Linux so I hope the above does not come over as patronising. And - yell out if it does not make sense.


Hi prhunt, I’m running gnome not kde, and what is a command line…how do I open this up in gnome? Then I will have fixed this printer up. If I can just work out how to install software I’ll be fine in using Suse.

You know what: I have never used Gnome! So I don’t know how to start a console from there :slight_smile:

A command line is an integral part of Linux. It is a based method of entering commands using your keyboard, and it produces text output back to your monitor. The command line is extremely powerful and is a great way for getting lots of things done.

Often called a command console - so maybe just look in the Gnome docs to see how to access it.


I am still having troubles, could open the command line but it didn’t work. I’m not used to commands. Is there a way to login as the administrator similar to XP? That would fix my problems!Or is there away to turn off passwords from the root user?
thanks for helping prhunt

in a terminal you type
then your root password

cd to the directory of your driver, best to copy it to say /home

cd /home

if you tell us what the file is .bin whatever
mostly the way to run an installer is:
sh (then type the first part of the file name like NVIDIA - then hit the {TAB} key and it will auto complete the file name - then hit enter)

But there should be a readme file

Also, are you sure your printer isn’t in the yast repo.

Hi caf, I have managed to install the printer by using “add on product” from the applications menu when I loged in as the root user. I just need to configure it now. should be ok.

Could you help me with my next install problems? Have spent hours trying but to no avail.

My firefox requires updating. I have downloaded it to my desktop. When I double click nothing happens.

Also tried to install opera web browser…even off yast it installed but refuses to open up when I click on it on my desktop. I then downloaded it of the opera web site, onto my desktop and followed the instructions “double click, on file…click yes etc and it should install”
What am I doing wrong with my installs?

Take a look, am I nearly there?

linux-37kg:/home/adam # /home/adam/Desktop
bash: /home/adam/Desktop: is a directory
linux-37kg:/home/adam # sh firefox-3.0.1.tar.bz2
sh: firefox-3.0.1.tar.bz2: No such file or directory
linux-37kg:/home/adam # /home/adam/Desktop/firefox-3.0.1.tar.bz2
bash: /home/adam/Desktop/firefox-3.0.1.tar.bz2: Permission denied
linux-37kg:/home/adam #

Firefox and Opera are both available fom the repo’s - that should be in your listed repositories

You should have at lest

It’s just not as simple as double click. Get rid of that old windows idea.
Go to Yast - Software Repositories
see that you have those above and they are enable and refresh auto

Next go to Yast - Software Management
seach for Firefox. Opera
Check for install and or update

or Run Yast - Online Update

Report back

Hi caf, thanks for your help I am getting along a lot better with Suse now. My printers working, have the patches for Totem. I have one more question if you have a sec, my drive is doing something in the background and is slowing everything up…if I click on anything at all it takes up to 30 seconds to work. Even as I’m typing now there is a lag time of around 5 seconds before it appeares in the screen. How can I determine what is happeninng in the background and turn it off? any idea? Sometimes my pc works perfect and then it my run like a dog missing two legs.

start - system - monitor - system monitor
will show all processes
oh, your using gnome, I’m not sure if it’s the same

beagle file indexing slows the sys down, it’s not in kde now, is it in gnome? If it is, switch it off.
It may show in your sys tray - right click to set policy