Load of old Bull

You’ll probably get tired of watching this
BBC News - Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware


On 10/25/2012 09:36 AM, caf4926 wrote:
> Hogwash

[soft dreamy background music, fuzzy focus video, and dd says]

i have a perfectly functioning android (4.0.1) tablet
i wanna stand in line at midnight to buy the boxed retail Win8 RT
so i can format/install Win8
so i can buy the super-duper apps from the Windows Store.

[music turns sinister, crisp focus, blinking eyes dd says]

WOW! that was a horrible nightmare!

hint: short MSFT


With any luck this new venture into tablets will be too late just like windows phones were too late. Six months out from the release and we’ll know. Anything that eats away at the monopoly of microsoft is good.

They really do no have leverage like they do with pc market, so I assume they will just be another competitor in a long line of tablet makers.

Microsoft has to talk things up now its market share is in decline - but it’s always done it anyway - so it’s just normal behaviour.

Read that last night, and had to laugh about such a dedicated s/w company moving into hardware, and Ballmer looks so sincere, not.

This is the piece to relish:

powering about 95% of personal computing device sales, according to Forrester. It says that figure has now shrunk to 30%.

Drat. With a title like “Load of old Bull”, I though you were offering to send us a free carton of beer.

You wish…
What do you take me for>
‘Some Old Peculiar guy that Fosters a XXXX for y’all’