Load an application when session starts


I’m using openSUSE 11.0.

How can I load an application (specifically “Evolution”), minimized to my system tray (beside clock), when I open my user session?

Thank you, in advance.

  • aecordoba,

Gnome or KDE3 or KDE4 or XFCE or or or…?


I’m using KDE3.5

Add a link to the application in your ~/.kde/Autostart folder. I don’t know if you can control whether it is minimized or not.

Thanks a lot!


Remember that evolution can interact with the KDE3.5 desktop in various unpleasant ways :wink:
I used to have a Gnome desktop underneath my KDE3.5 desktop for example.
If anything strange happens: kill evolution ! Hmmm that sounds like sound religious advise :wink:

Thank you for the advise.
I noted KDE4 don’t work very well. So I use KDE3.5 and now I’m using “Kontact” (with Kmail).

Thank you again.