LO opens extreeeeeeeemly slow

Hi! LibreOffice delays many seconds to open a file. I’ve tried to remove my profile; shift to “Safe Mode”; reset to factory values, and nothing seems to help. I also disabled “hardware acceleration”, “anti-aliasing”, “java runtime environment”.
When I try one or two of these ‘solutions’, LO opens within few seconds. I close the app but the 2nd time I open it, it is very slow… (sometimes takes around 1 minute)
Could you please suggest a solution?

Is LibreOffice installed as a Flatpak or from the repos?

Flatpaks usually are a little bit slower to start, but they should speed up on the second opening (the opposite of what you described though :laughing:).

Any journal entrys? Any relevant output when started from terminal? Used DE? Hardware specs? Graphic drivers?..

You do not provide much information to help you in any way…