Lizards based on posts count!

As i know this forum rating based on posting.
For example this many posts, you get ‘wise penguin’ with 1 lizard image. But this thread let me start new one, what i saw is a bit strange.

Linux kernel 2.6.32 released - openSUSE Forums

Now, check microchip8 posts count, which is above 2000 so he gets two lizards. But if we look at the lwfinger posts count, its also above 2000, but he has one lizard.

According to this forum automatic system, if above 2000 posts it will give two lizards status. And this is what i saw for others too. But in lwfinger case, its different. Why is that?, can any body explain this posting count system?

Don’t know why that was the case.
Fixed now.

Thanks carl.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I see two here for Larry?

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Yup, that’s after updating.
Forgot to take snapshot before update.

Don’t know why that was the case.
Fixed now.[/QUOTE]