Livetv doesn't work in Mythtv. [Suse 11.4(tumbleweed now)]

I’m trying to setup mythtv for a couple of weeks now without success so far.
I followed this guide:
OpenSuSE 11.3 - MythTV
which isn’t very accurate(eg: myth database isn’t at the place described)
The main problem is that live tv doesn’t work.
At first worked but when trying to exit to main menu I get a blank screen and program hangs.
The only error(?) was “Trying to change from livetv to none”
So, I uninstalled and reinstall all mythtv packages, and I setup mythtv again.
This didn’t fix anything, and made things worse.
Now I cannot open livetv at all and I get the message:
Mythtv use all outputs but there aren’t any active records

So, now I’ve uninstall again all related packages and wait for someone guide me to configure it from the begining.

Tv card(pinnacle usb stick 330e) is configured and analog/digital, remote function properly
Digital tv works without problems on kaffeine.
I’ve succesfully configured and use Mythtv without problems on Ubuntu and Mint installations(32 and 64 bits)