LiveCD not booting on either a CD or USB Memory Stick

I am getting a “No devices matches MBR identifier 0x8c71ad6e!” message along with a reboot in 120 seconds message. This occurs after kernel load and at the start of openSUSE boot.

I have tried both the 64bit and 32bit downloads

I have checksum checked both images after download.
I have attempted the install on CD and USB stick with both images and the result is always the same.

I’ve included a screen image on my site:
No Devices Matches MBR Identifier | Badzilla

Any suggestions welcome! Many thanks in advance.

When you boot from CD can you run the media check?

I’m getting the same error as badzilla, I downloaded the liveCD-x86_64. Going to try the DVD version next and see if I can repeat the same problem. I have not yet ran the media check, got some other work to complete first and figured while I do that I’ll let the DVD download to my PC.

Looks like the DVD will be about 3 hours till it’s finished downloading, then I’ll burn it and give it a go.

I’m worried that my monitor may be the problem, I’ve had issues with it not being very compatible with Ubuntu which is why I’m trying openSuse. It’s a SyncMaster 2343, runs at 2048x1152 native resolution which is a little odd ball. Runs great in Win7 and I love the wide desk space it provides, just not very friendly in Linux for some reason.

Ok - I’ve been doing some digging around. I media checked the 32bit image CD and that is ok AND loading fine. I suspect originally I must have got my two disks muddled up so apologies if I misled you.

The 64 bit image did have a media error on one of the sectors so I slowed down the CD burn (I’m using the command line utility cdrecord) with a new disk and that is also now booting and loading openSUSE 11.2 ok.

I can’t get either images to boot on my USB stick. I know there was a problem with the LiveCD image and USB boot when there is already a CD drive present in the computer. I read this on the forum but can’t currently find the thread. I need to do some more research into this so I will create a new thread dedicated to this once I have done some more legwork.

Many thanks to those that took the trouble to respond. :wink:

Great point about the burn speed, I bet my disc is bad as well. I will have to try burning at a lower speed next time. I’m out of CD-Rs now but when the DVD finishes I’ll burn it down at low speed before I try it. Hope that works, I can’t see my monitor stopping the setup from working, but who knows.

Update, burned the DVD in low speed, it worked and eliminated the error. OpenSuse did not like my monitor in the setup phase and I had to follow through the YaST2 text based installer but no big deal. Partitioned and installed it just fine. Looks beautiful at first glance, had to switch back to Win7 to finish my work though but it looks promising so far!

If you are trying to boot from a USB stick, you might try modifying the file in the /boot/grub directory on your OpenSuse installation USB stick:
Linux Tipps, Fixes & More: Fixing OpenSUSE’s ‘No Devices Matches MBR Identifier’

Good luck!