LiveCD is & first startup fine. 2nd (+) startup - Nothin

Honestly the connectivity with this is awesome… kinda. The LiveCD and first startup, I encounter no problems. I installed updates, restarted and then the wireless is unable to connect after many attempts. Ok, maybe it was one of the updates. Place the LiveCD back in, everything is good. First start up everything is good. No updates and I restart, unable to connect. My router is fine. My other box is still connected this whole time. For some reason its only good on the first startup and LiveCD function… what gives? Oh, and I’m using the Gnome for the recent release.

You need to go to Yast Network
and configure your hardware

a su terminal of: lspci
should tell us what you have

something so simple… **** it, that worked. I was sitting here in the terminal doin iwconfig and stuff… errrrr. Thanks, it worked.

One question, you say use “su” but “sudo” worked. wtf? I thought that was just ubuntu.

Thanks again.